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Gateway Park in Minneapolis

113 Hennepin Ave.

Look for the tents!


May - September

Second Saturday.

12-4pm, Setup begins at 11:30am

June   8th

July   13th

Aug.   10th

Sept   14th



- All artists Welcome!

- We love performers! Do you juggle,

   mime, performance paint, etc. Please

   reach out!

- No signup needed.

- It is FREE to join. Just bring a table or

   blanket and your art!

   (See below for fee scenarios.)


- No food sales

- No Reselling

- No music - We will have music!


- To reserve a table please email us at and tell us the

   date you'd like to reserve and your

   information. There is a limited supply! 

   Tables must be claimed during setup

   time. If not, it will be made available

   for others to use.

   Free tables for June are all booked up!!

   But please bring your own and join us!

- You are responsible for your sales.

- You'll be on concrete in this park, not

   grass, bring something to sit on!

- Fee - Tents - The Park Department

   charges $65 per tent. So if you want

   to bring a tent we will charge you

   that fee and not a penny more. You

   also must have weights for your tent or

   it cannot be setup. This is a windy


Future notes:

- We have tents and we are paying $65

   each. We are happy to put you in a

   tent for free in June. But please note

   that we will eventually charge to be in

   one of our tents. We won't charge you

   more than your portion of $65. We are

   not trying to make money! We want

   this to be as open and accessible as

   possible for artists!


Parking isn't great in downtown. But knowing that makes it seem not so bad! Here is a map of parking areas. 


Text: 651-321-4996


insta @artintheparkdotart


Are you wondering why this is free for artists to join? It's because an event like this in Seattle made a huge difference in my life so I decided to try to make one here!

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